Those Dancing Days

September 2, 2007


Thanks to my stint as a music-babbler at another Swedish site I got the opportunity to review the first EP by Those Dancing Days. Since I’m now writing about them here it’s pretty obvious that I enjoyed what they had to offer.

Those Dancing Days consists of five young Swedish girls, whose sound can be described as jangly twee-pop, spiced with a bit of soul and fun synthesizers. What I really love about this band though is the singer, 17-year old (!) Linnea. For someone so young, she has an amazingly expressive voice and sounds much older than she is.

The band is enjoying the beginnings of success right now; they played, amongst other gigs, at the Way Out West festival here in Sweden this summer and are working on completing their up-coming album that will be released early next year. Fact is that they already have a fan club in England!

However, when speaking of their success you can’t leave out the impact our dear friend Internet has had for Those Dancing Days. Thanks to MySpace and various music blogs, rumor about their “perfect pop songs” spread rapidly and the record labels came running. After getting signed and recording their EP, the band is now ready to become one Sweden’s most talked about acts.

~ “Hitten” ~


4 Responses to “Those Dancing Days”

  1. Sean said

    I can totally get behind this! Tasty Boy is so widly catchy. And I’m with you, I can’t believe she’s only 17.

  2. scott said

    Thank you for the TDD extra songs!

  3. Pauly said

    unbelievable. great video on their myspace too!

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