My Moon My Mixtape

December 11, 2008

Leonard Tishkov’s Private Moon

I’ve always been fascinated by the moon. Not in the sense that I want to travel into to space and walk on it, but rather by its beauty and mythology. As I child I loved stories where the moon was a kind watcher that made sure we all slept safely while the sun rested, but also the moon that brought out the darker aspects in both humans and animals: werewolves, magic, prophecies – even hormonal rage! 

Added inspiration came when I found Leonard Tishkov’s beautiful series of photos dubbed Private Moon. It’s a “visual poem” which tells the tale about a moon that has descended from the sky and now lives in peaceful existence with a man. I just found that whole idea enthralling and the photographs alone are stunning.

Hence this mixtape, a tribute to the moon in its various forms:

City of Satellites – “Moon in The Sea”
The Magnetic Fields – “Sad Little Moon”
The Kid – “Bloodmoon”
Glasvegas – “Cruel Moon”
Monogold – “Snow On The Moon”
The Magnetic Fields – “Save A Secret For The Moon”
The Maybes? – “Full Moon”
Neko Case – “I Wish I Was The Moon”
They Might Be Giants – “Nightgown Of The Sullen Moon”
Concrete Blonde – “Mexican Moon”
The Magnetic Fields – “The Dreaming Moon”

~ Download ~


Hazy Lazy Sunday

November 23, 2008

I put together a little mixtape of some down-tempo songs I currently love for a lazy, relaxing Sunday. Hope you all like it!

01. Me And The Horse I Rode In On – “Sunday”
02. Dancer Vs Politician – “Neuer Morgen, Neuer Tag”
03. Ingrid Ovala – “Back To Love”
04. Interpol – “Pioneer To The Falls” (Orchestral version)
05. Headless Heroes – “Nobody’s Baby Now”
06. The Postmarks – “Three Little Birds”
07. Proof Of Ghosts – “Wandering Stars”
08. Rae Spoon – “Bones In A Museum”
09. That Ghost – “A Song About A Bird I Know”
10. Pretty & Twisted – “Train Song (Edge Of Desperation)”

Download full mix HERE.