Kylie Remixed

December 7, 2008

A fellow blogger friend and I recently discussed the underrated album that is Kylie Minogue‘s 2007 X. We both feel that the wrong songs were chosen as singles (although we disagreed on “2 Hearts” – he likes it, I don’t) and that the album probably could have done much better if, say, “Like A Drug” or “Speakerphone” had been released as initial promotion.

I also remember Kylie saying that X was too rushed at therefor didn’t turn out as good as it could have. Though I agree that they seemed far too eager for Kylie to make a comeback after her battle with breast cancer (similar to Britney’s current situation with her new album and recent recovery) I don’t think X was bad at all. Sure there were some duds (“Nu-di-ty”, “All I See” for instance) but overall it was a much better album than Body Language (which frankly also had some poor choices of singles).

Thankfully it looks like is getting a second chance: the newly released Boombox is basically an extension of said album, and the X-singles are still receiving remix treatments (not counting Freemasons take on “The One” which was bit of a downgrade). One of the more recent ones is by NYC-producer Terror Dactel who has turned the sweet “In My Arms” into a proper electronic disco thumper. Although there’s not much point in dragging the promotion of X any further as we approach 2009, I hope this resurrects the album – and Kylie – somewhat.

~ “In My Arms” (Terror Dactel Remix) ~