Ghost In The Water

February 28, 2008

Husband and wife Nathan and Mandy Tensen-Woolery, aka Ghost In The Water are set to release their album Tooth, on April 8. In preparation the duo is offering the first single, Clean Sinks and Folded Laundry for free up until the album release.

If you’re a fan of soft electronic music enveloped in strings and guitars, I strongly suggest you take the opportunity to download this. Besides for the beautiful lead track the single also includes a great b-side, the more upbeat How To Draw a Ghost, both of which will feature on Tooth.

To purchase head over to Hidden Shoal.

~ “How To Draw a Ghost” ~


Crushed Stars

February 21, 2008

Crushed Stars is a one-man band, created and executed by Todd Gautreau. To draw a reference to the name, Gautreau’s music can very much be likened to a dark star-scattered sky; beautiful, melancholic and awe-inspiring. Hm, now I’m even more regretful that I missed the lunar eclipse tonight.

His most recent album, “Gossamer Days” is Gautreau’s third release as Crushed Stars. He’s previously made music under the names of Sonogram and Tear Ceremony, but it looks like it’s his latest alter-ego that will put Gautreau firmly on the map.

Filled with lush, dreamy songs, “Gossamer Days” is its own little galaxy, ready to be explored, star by star. Just check out the song below, and you’ll see what I mean.

~ “Spies” ~