One morning, about a week ago, I woke up with this raspy male voice singing a really catchy tune inside my head. At first I thought it was another dream-induced song that I would never hear again, which always leaves me disappointed. However once the brain cells began to kick in, I realized that it was actually Paul Kelly’s voice that was echoing in my mind.

So who’s Paul Kelly then?

Well, he’s the front man of The Martial Arts, a four-piece Glasgow band that makes stripped down, energetic indie-pop like so many other bands today (Kaiser Chiefs, Maximo Park, The Delays etc.). With that said, It could be easy to just write them off as just another indie-band in the bunch, but The Martial Arts have two key-features to their advantage: Kelly’s voice and some great melodies.

On their debut album Your Sinclair the boys deliver one pop gem after the other which just as easily could give one an much needed energy boost on a Wednesday morning, as get the party started on a Friday night. Your Sinclair isn’t groundbreaking or anything, simply a good indie-pop record by a band that deserves a wider audience, which I’m sure they will accomplish eventually.

One thing needs to be said though: as the record is written by Kelly, I often get the feeling that this is his project, and the rest of the boys (Joe Kane, Gregor Mackay, Sean McGrath) are only there to back him up. Granted that it started more or less as a solo gig, with Kelly feeling a bit lonely in the recording studio, but as a whole the band still don’t feel completely moulded yet.

I’m quite confident though, given some time, that The Martial Arts will be kicking some serious ass together.

Your Sinclair is available in stores now via Groover Recordings.