Those Running Days

June 29, 2008

Those Dancing Days


After creating a buzz with their self-titled EP, Those Dancing Days are back with a brand new track, “Run Run”. The song is the first single from the Swedes up-coming debut album which will be distributed by Wichita Recordings.

Words can not express how much I love these girls and their cheerful indie-pop, so I’ll just settle with posting their latest video and one of their songs.

Be sure to check out the “Run Run” single on 7 July.

~ “Hitten” ~




June 26, 2008

Considering that they list Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Clint Eastwood and Spaghetti westerns among their influences, I really shouldn’t like 6Killer. Because neither Cash nor Presley’s music have ever interested me much, and westerns bore me to death, especially those starring Eastwood.

Yet, here I am, posting about 6Killer anyway because yes, I do like them. Even though I shouldn’t. Gah! Their music can be described as a fusion of soul, blues and rock but don’t let their sound fool you – 6Killer don’t hail from some outlawed western town in America, but dreary old Sweden (I’m Swedish, so I get to say that). Other than that I don’t know much about them so I’ll just copy and paste this little introduction from their Myspace:

And the visual aesthetics and the suggestive sound landscape takes us on a psychedelic safari through Greasy strip joints, Rock n´roll clubs, Las Vegas neon signs and Mexican villages populated by desperados, pistoleros, mariachis and senoritas satanicos. – No ladies and gentlemen, it´s not a new Tarantino-Rodriguez cooperation nor a new psychedelic substance – It’s just 6Killer bringing back the sound of the city of sin.

~ “Way Down To Mexico”, “Hot Sun” ~

Small Feral Token

June 24, 2008

First time I heard Small Feral Token’s “You Think You Know” was about a year ago. I thought it was a pretty sweet sounding pop song, although perhaps a bit rough around the edges.

Anyway, I sort of stumbled over their MySpace today and was pleasantly surprised by the progression of their sound. The two Stockholm-ladies have stepped up their game, making their electropop (or as it says on their website: “computer generated music with hints (of) acoustic instruments”) fuller and sharper.

Their album “Digipop” will be out sometime in September, but until then you can listen to the new tracks on their MySpace, as well as check out their latest video “A Girl’s Best Friend”.

Cloetta Paris

June 9, 2008


Apparently I’m terribly late to the party when it comes to Cloetta Paris, as this Swedish duo has already gained a lot of attention for their sweet sounding Italian-disco music for the past year or so.

Oh well. I’m going to post about them anyway. And not only because the “Cloetta” part of their name makes me think of the Scandinavian company that makes candy and yummy chocolate.

Their debut album, “Secret Eyes” is available on Skywriting Records, and has been compared to the sound of two other soft-voiced Swedish disco ladies, namely Sally Shapiro and Friday Bridge. So yeah, you know it’s good.

Although perhaps not quite as good as chocolate.

~ “Secret Eyes” ~