Wired Magazine have for some reason decided to dub Robyn as the latest “The Anti-Britney”. Although they both make pop music, I really don’t think they have that much in common musically or artistically. But since the media seem to love to kick on those who are down (Spears), Wired just had to go and make a stupid comparison between the two of them since they’re both female and roughly the same age, and have careers that at the moment seem to be going in opposite directions.

Now, I don’t mind that they’re praising Robyn, but I don’t understand why it has to be at Britney’s expense. I’m so sick of seeing female artists, whatever their credibility, be pitched against each other in the media just to make “news”. Especially at such stupid comparisons as to the different reasons each woman shaved her head (Robyn to “sharpen her image”, Britney “in an apparent cry for help”). Not to mention the fact that they deliberately leave out any negative press Robyn has ever gotten, making her look like the perfect angel next to the now “tragic” Spears.

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