Kyle Andrews

October 20, 2008

Perhaps third time is the charm for Kyle Andrews as his latest album, Real Blasty has gotten quite the praise in the press:

Real Blasty is the breakthrough album.”
– Timothy Zila, Patrol Magazine

This is a bed-room rock Brian Wilson of depth and character. Most highly recommended.”
Dot Shop

His previous efforts, full lengther Amos In Ohio and EP Find Love, Let Go were both released on Badman Recordings, but this time Andrews has set up his own label, Elephant Lady Records for the release of the self-recorded, self-produced Real Blasty. It’s a quirky but sincere album, positively sparkling with electronical flutters and catchy hooks, which is quite the change from his former acoustic sound.

Besides reinventing himself, Andrews has also found time to tour with Josh Rouse, and open for  Peter, Björn and John. Now though, his focus is on Real Blasty which will hit stores January 20th, 2009.

~ “Sushi” ~


Dancer Vs. Politician

October 7, 2008

Dancer Vs. Politician‘s music perfectly matches the season where the colours are warm and the wind is cold. Yes, I’m talking about autumn. By far my favorite season of the four, A City Half-Lost is an album that enhances the richness of the current state outside my window. And that’s pretty impressive considering that I barely understand the majority of the lyrics.

Hailing from Germany, Dancer Vs. Politician is the project of Sanni Baumgaertner. In the late 90’s she moved to Athens, Georgia and has for the last three years traveled between her two homes, performing and recording in both places. Though now settled in Athens, the previous dual citizenship can be heard in her lyrics as she sings in English as well as German. The music itself is sweet indie-pop, richly layered with strings, horns, accordion, glockenspiel and Sanni’s soft voice. Amongst her influences, Sanni lists Velvet Underground, Azure Ray, Belle & Sebastian, Tom Waits, and Neutral Milk Hotel, which gives you a pretty good inkling of what her sound is like.

Dancer Vs. Politician’s album A City Half-Lost is due for release on November 4 but can already be ordered from here. For now though, check out the beautiful video of a live performance of the song “Justin Fairborn”, as well as the mp3s:

Dancer Vs Politician: Justin Fairborn
by eikonproductions

~ “Justin Fairborn”, “Mach Dich Los.” ~