The blues may still be blue, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that one should ignore any of the brighter colors.

Ndidi Onukwulu evokes quite a lot of encouragement on her sophomore album The Contradictor which is a fitting title to say the least. With uplifting and introspective lyrics combined with rich jazz-infused blues, Onukwulu’s music (and voice) is warm and inviting in way that might surprise some. Although, it’s not a happy-go-round all the way through.

There’s plenty of heartbreak in various forms, but the underlying tone is still hopeful. Just in the upbeat opening track “SK Final”, Ndidi sings how she refuses hurt over her departed lover again, while a blazing horn orchestra plays in the background as to root her on.

If you’re anything like me and usually avoid blues, then The Contradictor this is a great place to start. There are many other styles woven into the music without creating a cluster: rock, jazz, country, folk, and even a little bit of reggae. I wouldn’t call it a light-weight introduction to blues, but perhaps a good way to ease in those with an untrained ear or preconceptions about the genre. And Nididi’s rich voice is difficult to resist.

The Contradictor is set to be released June 17.

~“SK Final”~


The Radio Dept. are releasing a new 3 track single on June 4th, “Freddie and The Trojan Horse”. You can already download the lead track for free though, thanks to the band’s label, Labrador.

The song, which is about “the untruthfulness of the Swedish right-wing government and how the leading party seized power by portraying itself as supportive of the workers”, is the first taste from the up-coming album “Clinging To A Scheme” due to be out on September 10.

By the way – “Freddie” = Fredrik Reinfeldt, Sweden’s Prime Minister.

“Freddie And The Trojan Horse” ~