There’s a fine line to walk for me when it comes to any kind of country music. While I thoroughly enjoy bands like My Morning Jacket and Band Of Horses who blend a little Americana into their alternative sound, I find it difficult to take traditional country music very seriously. Yet The Grizzly Owls manage to walk this line even though their country influences are much stronger than what I’m used to.

I first stumbled upon this husband and wife duo last year when I heard the lovely song “What’s A Girl To Do”. Back then I didn’t really consider their sound all that country but that influence seem to have grown since the release of their debut album Night On My Bed. It makes sense though since their latest EP The People Have All Gone was much inspired by the movie The Last Picture Show, in which country legend Hand Williams’ songs can be heard. The Grizzly Owls wanted their music to be able to accompany his, as well as tie in with personal history of family photos hailing from the Korean war.

Since I haven’t seen The Last Picture Show I can’t really tell if The Grizzly Owls fulfill their intentions of matching its soundtrack. I am however sure that The People Have All Gone is very much enjoyable either way. Their somewhat dark Americana mixed with soft melodies, twangy sweet vocals and equally twangy guitars makes a gorgeous combination from start to finish.

~ “On A Paper Moon” ~