Maps Of Norway

December 10, 2008


Maps of Norway are in fact not Norwegian but American, hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their moody mixture of indie pop, post-rock  and early UK 80s influences got its start in 2004 when formed by former Vespertine-members Jeff Ball (drums) and Eric Hanson (guitar). The band was later perfected when Rebecca Leigh joined and added her distinctive vocal antics to the mix, not to mention bass player Matt Helgeson.

Four years later Maps of Norway have finally completed their debut Die Off Songbird, an album filled with shrilling guitars and an atmosphere that brings The Chameleons and even Bauhaus to mind. Though a bit too drawn out at times, Die Off Songbird is still a must listen for anyone who likes dark new wave as well as good old post-rock. Rebecca Leigh’s vocals are bordering on hypnotic and could probably make even the most boring song sound exciting. 

~ “The Lights”, “The Runout” ~