Max Justus

November 27, 2008

Max Justus has accomplished something I’ve long considered impossible – making Kanye West not only sound bearable but actually really good to my ears. His remix of “Street Lights” transforms the song from a rather badly sung half-ballad to a cool slow-jam club track.

I shouldn’t have expected any less though as Max Justus is also one of the few electronica artists who manage to hold my attention by mainly doing instrumentals. Usually I need vocals to fully enjoy a song, but Justus has a way to fill up the audio sensory experience to the max with his sharp synthesizers and funky hip hop beats. Just listen to “Altered Beast” from his latest effort Five Leaping Leopards and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Also make sure to pop over to his MySpace for a free download of the album Talking To Strangers.

~ “Street Lights” (Max Justus remix), “Altered Beast” ~