The Exploding Boy

November 28, 2008

First time I heard The Exploding Boy, it was a rather rough demo I stumbled upon on the internet. The song was called “Cold Things Start To Burn” and despite the not so great sound quality I immediately got attached to it. A polished version as well as a full-length album soon followed and now the band are working on their sophomore effort. Nicklas, one of the band members was kind enough to send me their latest single to share with you guys.

Taken their name after a B-side by The Cure, it’s no surprise that these Swedes draw heavily from the 70’s post-punk and 80’s alternative pop scene. Also no surprise is that many think they sound like a modern mixture of The Cure, Interpol and Joy Division. It has undoubtedly been a good combination though as success has come quickly for the band. Just five months after forming in 2006 they played their first gig and the self-titled debut was released in 2007 to critical praise.

By the sound of their latest single “40 Days”, The Exploding Boy are sticking to their dark and gritty sound formula. No exact date for their sophomore effort has yet been set, but a new single (“Intervention”) is planned for release early next year as well as a European tour during the spring.

~ “Cold Things Start To Burn”, “40 Days” ~