My Moon My Mixtape

December 11, 2008

Leonard Tishkov’s Private Moon

I’ve always been fascinated by the moon. Not in the sense that I want to travel into to space and walk on it, but rather by its beauty and mythology. As I child I loved stories where the moon was a kind watcher that made sure we all slept safely while the sun rested, but also the moon that brought out the darker aspects in both humans and animals: werewolves, magic, prophecies – even hormonal rage! 

Added inspiration came when I found Leonard Tishkov’s beautiful series of photos dubbed Private Moon. It’s a “visual poem” which tells the tale about a moon that has descended from the sky and now lives in peaceful existence with a man. I just found that whole idea enthralling and the photographs alone are stunning.

Hence this mixtape, a tribute to the moon in its various forms:

City of Satellites – “Moon in The Sea”
The Magnetic Fields – “Sad Little Moon”
The Kid – “Bloodmoon”
Glasvegas – “Cruel Moon”
Monogold – “Snow On The Moon”
The Magnetic Fields – “Save A Secret For The Moon”
The Maybes? – “Full Moon”
Neko Case – “I Wish I Was The Moon”
They Might Be Giants – “Nightgown Of The Sullen Moon”
Concrete Blonde – “Mexican Moon”
The Magnetic Fields – “The Dreaming Moon”

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City Of Satellites

November 25, 2008

Australian label Hidden Shoal have revealed yet another stunning piece of work in the form of City Of Satellites‘ debut EP “The Spook”. Though very ethereal and dreamy, City of Satellites are also quite melodic which I find to be a nice change amongst the sometimes far too abstract post-rock available these days.

The opening track and single “Moon In The Sea” is the highlight but the two remaining songs, “Sleeping in Disgrace” and “The Spook” are just as gorgeous. Consisting of an eerie dreamscape of spooky synths, weeping guitars and singer Jarrod’s frail but beautiful voice, this is definitely worthy of your attention.

“The Spook” EP is available for purchase here where you also can preview all three tracks.

~ “Moon In The Sea” ~