Deers & Frostbites

December 9, 2008

Christmas is approaching and with it comes the often dreaded Christmas songs. Don’t’ get me wrong, I love this time of year but I’ve never been much for its music. Probably because the stores insist on playing the same old Christmas songs over and over, not to mention that horrible techno Christmas album my dad had on repeat one year. Thankfully there are alternatives, two of which I’m presenting here.

First we have a rather sad but sweet winter song by Twiggy Frostbite. This Swedish band have gained quite a following on MySpace thanks to their animated music video “Heroes”, depicting a a robot and a little girl. While I understand the videos popularity, I’m not really feeling the song. Singer Elin Lindfors has an interesting voice but it borders on annoying during the chorus. Their seasonal tune is however more to my liking as it suits her chilly vocals better:

~ “Lanterns and Stars” ~

The second song is actually related to Twiggy Frostbite as The Deer Tracks consists of their already mentioned singer Elin together with David Lehnberg. Their sound is quite similar to that of TF although perhaps a bit softer around the edges and with more electronic elements. The Christmas tune The Deer Tracks have put together sounds almost as a lullaby a times, with hushed vocals and a scattering piano that makes me think of falling snowflakes:

~ “Christmas Fire” ~


The Hives Vs. Cyndi Lauper

November 14, 2008

How cool is this!?

The Hives are teaming up with (or should I say against?) Cyndi Lauper for a Christmas duel! The holiday-themed single will be available as a free download from The Hives official website on November 28-30, followed by a UK store release December 1 and a US release the next day via The Orchard.

So what do the parties involved have to say about the unusual collaboration?

“It may sound weird and come as a surprise to some, but we had to. It came to us. It landed in our lap and was way too good to shake or toss. We knew we had to record it. A sign if you will,” The Hives said, while Lauper added, “This goes to show even rat sideswipers can have a good Xmas too.”

Rat sideswipers? Whatever – at least now we have a reason to look forward to the holidays despite the crummy economy!