Those Dancing Days – “In Our Space Hero Suits”

November 30, 2008

When I heard the self-titled debut EP of Those Dancing Days last year, it was pretty much love at first listen. Their cheerful pop mixed with soul had a fresh sound to it, and I couldn’t wait until they completed their first album. Now the wait is over, as In Our Space Hero Suits sees the light of day.

So, just what can you expect from these five Swedish high school girls? Quite a lot actually. Out of the five tracks on their EP, the best ones are included on the album: “Hitten” (which cheekily means “The Hit” in Swedish) and the band’s very own self-titled anthem. Also featured is the latest single, “Run Run”. While a good song, it’s not quite as enthralling as “Hitten” and I have to say this goes for several of the other songs on the album. But that doesn’t mean that it’s bad – far from it!

In Our Space Hero Suits is a solid intoxicating pop record, with TDD’s signature hammond organ thumping through each song and singer Linnea’s soulful vocals that go well beyond her mere 18 years of age. The tempo is up-beat and energetic from start to finish, even if some songs are more memorable than some. All in all it’s a sweet and colorful album with an exotic flavor to it, making one wonder if these girls don’t hail from some tropical island rather than dreary old Sweden.

Besides the already mentioned tracks, I highly recommend “Falling In Fall”, “Shuffle”, “Home Sweet Home” and “Kids”. But they’re all worth a listen. Or several.

~ “Hitten”, “Home Sweet Home” ~


3 Responses to “Those Dancing Days – “In Our Space Hero Suits””

  1. sean said

    I love love love this album!

  2. You’ve always had good taste. Well, mostly. 😉

  3. Keath said

    These girls are pretty good – I think I’ve got their album floating around someplace

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