La Chansons

November 24, 2008


La Chansons took form in 2004 when Greg and Carson began dating. Like in a modern fairytale, Greg asked Carson if she wanted to be in a band with him on one of those dates and they have been spreading their kitschy electro pop ever since.

Two albums have been made so far – Love Love Love All Day and the latest, Midnight Aerobics. Old aerobic movies in particular seem to be a inspiration for the duo, not only with song titles as “Workout Love” and “Leotard Stories” but also visually in Carson’s campy 80’s art and their videos:

Bonus fact: Recently turned electropopper Kyle Andrews sings background vocals on “Cinderella Tonight”.

~ “Cinderella Tonight”, “Workout Love” ~


3 Responses to “La Chansons”

  1. Keath said

    That Workout Love video is hawt! 😛

  2. Haha, geez I wonder why you think that!

  3. Keath said

    If I you hadn’t already told me they’re from Atlanta I would have sworn they were Swedish! 🙂

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