Are You a Sad Robot?

September 1, 2008

Stars digitally released their latest EP Sad Robot today via the official website.

The EP consists of a very pretty cover and six tracks, whereof one is available for free. In order to download it though you have to create an account at the band’s online store, but I’ve taken care of that so you can just download it right here instead.

It’s a lovely track, so make sure to snag it!

Sad Robot EP tracklist

01. Maintenance Hall, 4am
02. A Thread Cut With a Carving Knife
03. Undertow
04. Going, Going, Gone (live)
05. 14 Forever
06. Sad Robot


3 Responses to “Are You a Sad Robot?”

  1. Kip said

    I think I’m more of an angsty robot.

  2. Cecilia said

    I’m a bi-polar one.

  3. Keath said

    I’m an overstimulated one – not in terms of being hyper but in terms of finding too many things worth doing and following up on. Exhaustion!

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