Azeda Booth – “In Flesh Tones”

July 20, 2008



Before anything else, let’s get the whole “I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-a-girl-singing” issue out of the way. Because despite the very feminine-sounding vocals, Azeda Booth‘s lineup is solely an XY constellation.

Originally a duo when formed in 2004 by Morgan Greenwood and Jordon Hossack, Azeda Booth became five-piece when additional members Chris Reimer, Marc Rimmer & Mike Wallace joined the band in 2006. Their first EP, Mysterious Body was released last year although recorded while Greenwood and Hossack were still a duo. Their latest effort however, the full-length In Flesh Tones (Absolutely Kosher, 2008) showcases the current Azeda Booth.

If the vocals weren’t enough to throw people off when trying to define what they are, the music of Azeda Booth is no exception:

“They twist and flutter, too skittish for space rock, too hot for IDM, too concise and charming for glitch-core… The arrivals and departures are hazy and blurred, the tone both tense and delicate, the fuel potent and clean, the direction most definitely UP.” (from the official website)

The above quote is a good description of their sound – it is quite scattered and at times abstract, yet somehow the pieces fit together nicely. Broken down into components you can find bits of shoegaze, experimental, ambient electronica and pure pop.

While I’ve only just started to acquaint myself with Azeda Booth, and therefor perhaps still a bit lost in their mist, there are tracks on the album that speak to me immediately (“Ran”, “In Red”, “Big Fists”) and others which I am still happily discovering (“First Little Britches”, “Lobster Quadrille”, “Well”). Although the hazy moments may drag down the overall impression at times, In Flesh Tones is definitely worth to explore and discover in its fullest.

~ Azeda Booth – “Ran” ~


One Response to “Azeda Booth – “In Flesh Tones””

  1. Keath said

    I can’t believe that’s not a girl singing! Oh wait, did we already cover that? 🙂

    Good track! I like your review too!

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