April 23, 2008

Have I been cursed? I can’t help but wonder since I’ve yet again fallen for a band who spell their name LIKE THIS.

Aussie rockers CHAINGANG are a lively bunch to say the least. Their music throbs with energy, dark energy – from the pounding drums, growling guitars and murmuring bass line, down to the fantastic vocal antics by singer Hayle.

A bit of pop, 70’s punk and some Gothic rock all mixed into one – these guys are sure to speed up your heart rate quite a bit. Just listen to the brilliant “Get Off My Stage”, and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

~ “Get Off My Stage” ~


One Response to “CHAINGANG”

  1. Keath said

    Pretty soon anytime anyone wants to send an email to Ceci we’re going to have to type LIKE THIS TO GET HER TO BOTHER READING IT 🙂

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