Robyn Vs Britney – Huh?

March 29, 2008

Wired Magazine have for some reason decided to dub Robyn as the latest “The Anti-Britney”. Although they both make pop music, I really don’t think they have that much in common musically or artistically. But since the media seem to love to kick on those who are down (Spears), Wired just had to go and make a stupid comparison between the two of them since they’re both female and roughly the same age, and have careers that at the moment seem to be going in opposite directions.

Now, I don’t mind that they’re praising Robyn, but I don’t understand why it has to be at Britney’s expense. I’m so sick of seeing female artists, whatever their credibility, be pitched against each other in the media just to make “news”. Especially at such stupid comparisons as to the different reasons each woman shaved her head (Robyn to “sharpen her image”, Britney “in an apparent cry for help”). Not to mention the fact that they deliberately leave out any negative press Robyn has ever gotten, making her look like the perfect angel next to the now “tragic” Spears.

“Article” after the jump.

The Anti-Britney
A maverick Swedish pop star reveals what Spears could have been.

Imagine, if you will, a parallel universe where a pretty blond pop star can actually carry a tune, writes her own songs, and frets over artistic integrity. In this universe, when her record company demands more hits, she tells them to shove it and starts her own label. There’s no making out with Madonna, no messy divorce, no custody battle, no 5150. Instead there’s bankable talent and a credible, long-arc career. In other words, it’s the anti-Britney Spears.

Meet Robyn, the 28-year-old Swedish singer whose latest US release drops in April. In the mid-90s, both were courted by the same big label to be molded into the Next Big Thing: Robyn said no. Britney said yes. It was the first choice of many, chronicled here, that would lead one to hipster stardom and the other to madness. – Jenna Wortham

After several years as a child performer in her native Sweden, Robyn begins writing her own songs. She is approached by Jive Records but ultimately sings with RCA. “Jive told me they were going to find their own Robyn,” she says. (See: Britney, 1996)

Robyn taps Swedish producer Max Martin for her debut, Robyn Is Here. It cracks the Billboard 100. Asked to tour with the Backstreet Boys, she declines: “It wasn’t the right thing to do.”

Robyn records her second LP in Sweden, scoring a hit single with “Electric.” RCA dislikes her new sound and wants to partially re-record the album. Robyn refuses, and the release never lands stateside.

Robyn travels to Africa as a Unicef ambassador. Fed up with record companies, she starts her own label, Konichiwa Records. Teaming with fellow Swedish artists like the Teddybears and The Knife, she begins to work on a new album.

Robyn is self-released in Europe to critical acclaim, winning Swedish music awards for best album, best writer, and best pop female.

Shaves the sides of her head to sharpen her image.

Cuts sweet distribution deal with Interscope. Releases Robyn stateside in April and preps for US tour.

After two years as a child performer on The Mickey Mouse Club, Britney auditions for Jive Records. In 1997, she inks a deal.

Britney taps Swedish producer Max Martin and records his song “Baby One More Time.” The album of the same name goes multi-platinum, and she is offered a tour opening for the Backstreet Boys. Britney accepts, and her career gains traction.

At work on her followup album, a scantily-clad, 17-year-old Britney is photographed for the cover of Rolling Stone and becomes the Lolita lust object of creepy middle-aged men everywhere.

After winning a Grammy for “Toxic,” Britney is named by Forbes as the most powerful celebrity in the world. But she has other ambitions: “The only thing I haven’t done so far is experienced the closest thing to God … having a baby.”

Britney has aforementioned baby, then another, with backup dancer/husband K-Fed. Divorce proceedings begin.

Shaves her head in an apparent cry for help.

Tries to cut a deal with DA’s office for visitation rights with her children. Released from a two-week stay in an LA mental ward.


2 Responses to “Robyn Vs Britney – Huh?”

  1. Keath said

    Wired thinks people read it for music opinions. Also thinks dead tree media is still a viable business model.

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