Ghost Bees

March 18, 2008


Since they’re female and twins and Canadian, I guess its inevitably easy to compare Ghost Bees to Tegan and Sara. But if you actually listen you’ll notice that Romy and Sari Lightman have a sound all of their own; an “eclectic brand of spooky folk” to quote what some critics have referred them to. And it’s a fitting description: Ghost Bees do indeed sound spooky and folksy, but also very beautiful.

Their EP, Tasseomancy, is also a haunting journey of intricate storytelling, a journey that: “begins in the kitchen of The Grandmother in 1904. It is the story of the tea leaf reader whose luckless fate causes her to become a muted memory. Cursed by poor fortune foreseen in the bottom of a tea cup, she resolves to never speak again. It is her story, along with several others that are given voice in Tasseomancy.”

Spooky, indeed!

Tasseomancy is scheduled to be released on April 8th.

~“Vampires of the West Coast”, “Sinai” ~


11 Responses to “Ghost Bees”

  1. Keath said

    Nice – reminds me of Simon & Garfunkel actually

  2. Sean said

    Well, they’d have to be lesbian Canadian twin sisters to really remind me of Tegan & Sara! 😉

  3. Cecilia said

    Oh Sean, you silly boy.

  4. Kip said

    Well said, Sean.

  5. Sean said

    I am, indeed, a silly boy.

  6. Cecilia said

    And so is Kip, apparently.

  7. london calling said

    i have a hard copy of this anyone want it ?,i was kinda interested then after a couple of plays my wife threatened me with divorce is it any good my jury is out

  8. rodeo said

    maybe your wife was intimidated

  9. rodeo said

    i find the whole package quite moving, actually … i think your crazy to be trying to get rid of this disk … or were you just boasting?

  10. london calling said

    Rodeo i really dont know what to make of the whole album thats the truth!!! One time i love it the next i don’t get the whole thing.I was going to post on it then just could not make my mind up.I will say this to people you should check out jesse’s artists at killbeat they are always interesting and unusual

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