Best of ’07

December 21, 2007

Okay, first off – I hate ranking music. I just can’t, it’s impossible. I change my mind about albums and artists all the time. And I hate “best of” lists as well, regardless of the topic. But obviously I had no choice this time so I, uh, did my best to narrow it down. Which wasn’t easy considering what a great year in music 2007 turned out to be!

#1: Young Galaxy – Young Galaxy
If it hadn’t been for my curious streak, I might have actually missed out on Young Galaxy. I’d never heard of them, but thought “Searchlight” was a pretty name for a song and decided to check it out. And soon the rest of their self-titled debut album followed, filled with music that can be described as dream pop with a soundtrack quality to it – because this album sure has been a big part of the soundtrack to my 2007.

#2: Beirut – The Flying Cup Club
I missed the first train to Beirut, but luckily I caught the second one. To be honest, a few years ago this album wouldn’t have appealed to me whatsoever. It would probably have been a bit too “exotic” for my taste and wouldn’t gotten the attention it deserves. But after listening to similar artists like The Magnetic Fields and The Black Heart Procession I was ready this year.

#3: Kent – Tillbaka Till Samtiden
Ah, Kent – Sweden’s little golden boys. I didn’t have any real expectations for this album, as the first single, “Ingenting” didn’t appeal to me at first. It grew on me though, and once I heard the whole album I pretty much surrendered. Weird thing is though how the majority of critics hailed “Tillbaka Till Samtiden”, while the hardcore Kent fans weren’t that impressed. I wouldn’t say it’s their best ever, but it sure is good.

#4: The Twilight Sad – Fourteen Autumns & Thirteen Winters
That’s it – I’m moving to Scotland. That pretty much sums up my thoughts on this album. Fine, I’ll elaborate a bit more then: Scottish accent + angsty shoegaze = love. And no, I ‘m not a fourteen year old.

#5 Arcade Fire – Neon Bible
Like Beirut, I somehow missed Arcade Fire the first time around. But then came “Neon Bible” and I was hooked. However I still don’t see why so many think its predecessor “Funeral” is better. I mean it’s good, but not as captivating as this one. “Neon Bible” is dark and intricate yet have some of the catchiest songs I’ve heard all year.

Honorable mentions: M.I.A. – Kala, Apartment – The Dreamer Evasive, The National – Boxer, The Mary Onettes – The Mary Onettes, Great Lake Swimmers – Ongiara

~ Young Galaxy – “The Sun is Coming Up and My Plane is Going Down” ~


13 Responses to “Best of ’07”

  1. rich said

    some great picks there. if you like twilight sad then check out my latest novel or frightened rabbit both equally excellent bands. and scottish too 😉

  2. Kip said

    Now, Rich’s comment is exactly what I hope to see more of in 2008. We share so many bands with our readers…it’s nice to see the favor returned!!

    Are any of these bands from Sweeden?

  3. Todd said

    We’ve posted on Frightened Rabbit before! If you even have a chance to check them out live, they are tremendous for a three-piece, with abundant witty humor to go with it.

  4. london calling said

    nice list ceclia

  5. Rich said

    yeah frightened rabbit are a great band. expect big things from them next year…
    some stuff about them here:

    kip, a really good swedish band = fanfarlo –
    though i think they live in london now, they havent got a record out yet – i think their debut single is released in feb.

  6. Rich said

    actually, sorry to bombard you with comments but you might also like to check out Erika Alexandersson.

    She toured with Loney, dear back in Spring of this year for a short time, but also plays in a few bands in Sweden. That link is to her solo stuff, which i think is just demos at the minute, but nice all the same.

  7. london calling said

    we love being bombarded with comments rich well i do makes the job seem worthwhile

  8. Cecilia said

    Thanks for all the recs, Rich!

  9. Kip said

    Keep bombarding, Rich…the suggestions are always appreciated.

  10. Kip said

    btw, the Sweeden comment was an insider to Ceci…no seriousness to be had.

  11. london calling said

    Think with ceci…. including it in her top 5 NEON BIBLE is the no1 album of the year as voted for by the rocksellout team,just thought i would make that public.NO HANGING CHADS OR VOTE RIGGING HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. london calling said

    wow young galaxy i love them !!!!!!!!!! well i do now thanks for that

  13. Andrew said

    Kala definitely should be up there. I can’t stop listening to it, especially now that shes leaving the country. 😦

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