It’s A Musical!

November 12, 2007

I’ve been enjoying “Pain Song” by It’s A Musical! since this summer, yet it’s not until today that I realize that the duo actually consists of my personal favorite Bobby Baby, teamed up with Lady Boy drummer Robot. The two met in August 2006 while touring in Germany and made their first recording together in April 2007 which they now generously are offering for free. So if you like sweet pop tunes, look no further…

It’s A Musical!
“Pain Song”“The Music Makes Me Sick”“Take Off Your T-shirt” ~

Bobby Baby
~“But How?”“I Won’t Dance With You Baby Tonight”, “Goodbye Love” ~


6 Responses to “It’s A Musical!”

  1. Carles said

    This is a great find.

    Pretty honorable not to make a Mates of State/Matt and Kim comparison.

  2. Kip said

    Very nice. You’ve written about Bobby Baby before, have you not?

  3. Sean said

    I like their jogging/olympic outfits!

  4. render said

    We (The Retrosexuals) played with them on that very tour in Frankfurt. Was one of the most enjoyable gigs of our tour. We love Bobby Baby!!

  5. colleen said

    i looove them! thanks for posting 🙂

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