Miss Li

October 29, 2007

Nothing scares me more than hype when it comes to new music – rather than making me interested, it makes me want to avoid it at all cost. So when several of my fellow Swedish music maniacs started raving on about Miss Li earlier this year, I didn’t make much of an effort to see what all the fuss was about. However recently I did manage to get around and give Miss Li a listen and I’m happy to report that she indeed does deserve to be raved about.

Mixing jazz, country, blues and pop together with her often cocky lyrics, Miss Li (real name Linda Carlsson) is a fun and fresh addition to the Swedish music scene. She’s far from a newbie though – Miss Li’s latest album, Songs of a Rag Doll is actually her third effort being released on record label National, and her second record this year (!).

Hopefully this little introduction has sparked an interest with some of our readers, even amongst those who share my hype-phobia. So enjoy a few tracks from the album that Miss Li released earlier this year, God Put a Rainbow in the Sky:

“Don’t Try to Fool Me”, “I’m Glad I’m Not a Proud American” ~


2 Responses to “Miss Li”

  1. Sean said

    I like it, but you’re still my favorite Swedish export! 😉

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