The Robocop Kraus – “Blunders and Mistakes”

October 18, 2007

Finally a good example that Germany have more to offer than just Rammstein and heavy synthpop when it comes to music! The Robocop Kraus dived into the indie-ocean back in 1998, a sea that these days are almost overcrowded by similar bands. It’s not until later years though, mainly after the release of their fourth album, So They Think that They are the Robocop Kraus (2005), a change in line up and adaption of a more experimental sound that the band managed to reach the surface.

Their music is still energetic like before, but now more melodic and colorful. Singer Thomas Lang also needs some extra attention for his cool voice, as for the fact that he can sing in English without slipping into an embarrassing accent (and I’m Swedish, so I know what I’m talking about, literally).

Blunders and Mistakes is an ambitious record when it comes to lively, upbeat tunes. There are a few toned down moments, but other than that it’s rock ‘n’ roll all the way through without going overboard. Well, except perhaps when it comes to the album cover which easily could fool potential listeners to expect something very psychedelic, which is not the case. Other than that, I can’t really find any blunders or mistakes about this album.


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