José González – “In Our Nature”

October 17, 2007

Few modern artists can create such a sparse yet passionate acoustic elegance as José González does. Thanks to the mixture between Spanish and classical guitars and his ghostlike voice, González managed to create his own sound on the debut, Veener out of what otherwise might seem rather ordinary: a beautiful voice, some string instruments and not much else.

With In Our Nature, González continues down the same track as before, but sets foot onto some new paths as well. Overall the album feels more put together and perhaps therefore a bit more accessible than the debut. There is a greater focus on melodies with songs such as “Down The Line”, “Killing For Love# and the cover of Massive Attack’s classic “Teardrop”.

Otherwise, things are pretty much the same: José sings in a hushed voice about war as well as love, the guitars strings jar softly and autumn leafs fall to the ground as you listen, regardless of what season it actually might be. Simply put, “In Our Nature” is a lovely album to round off the year with.

~ “Killing For Love” ~


2 Responses to “José González – “In Our Nature””

  1. Jeff said

    This is a very enjoyable album. It has a good sense of rhythm for a mostly stripped down acoustic record.

  2. Kip said

    I’m loving this one too, Ceci!

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